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The Brynmill Uplands
Community Choir


Come and join us ... no need to be able to read music and no experience necessary: we make a beautiful sound!


The Brynmill Uplands Community Choir is a welcoming and warm group of people who have been singing together since the group was started by Margot in May 2010. She has been singing in choirs since she could stand up and has a love of a broad range of music.  As a solo vocalist and experienced teacher she is an enthusiastic leader, inspiring the choir with confidence and the joy of singing. Some of the choir members are experienced singers, some sing with other choirs as well, and some have never sung in a choir before – there are some who have been told that they should never sing at all ... and, in fact, as all would agree, we make a beautiful sound together!

A Healthy Approach to Singing

We always warm up, so that our voices become stronger and healthier as we sing our way through the year. The exercises are based on the Natural Voice Practitioner’s approach to singing and also include some that Margot has learned from singing in the Welsh National Opera Community Chorus,
and at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama where she is currently
further developing her singing and teaching skills.

Although the choir is parts based, people can choose the part they’d like to sing, and practice always takes place in the round, as a circle of people gives a feeling of community and makes it easy for everyone to hear the full sound.
We sing unaccompanied music, and try our best to learn without written
sheets, although those are available for those who wish to use them. Holding
and reading music does affect the way
we sing, so we work together to sing without written music and words when we’re ready.

We are very pleased that our first formal concert was a sell-out, and that although the venue was small (the Brynmill Community Centre), we raised over two hundred pounds for two of our local charities: CISS (Cancer Information and Support Services) and the Carers’ Association. We are also delighted to be using our local Community Centre and look forward to attracting more locals to join us. Of course, there is no pressure for singers to perform in our concerts – our main aim is to enjoy singing together.

Where and when

We meet weekly upstairs at the Brynmill Community Centre, Swansea, at 7:30 and sessions finish at 9:00. The fee is £35.00 for ten weeks. If you are on a low wage or would like to talk about the fee, please contact Margot. In addition to our annual Christmas carolling, which we hope will be particularly special this year, we are about to embark on a programme of madrigals which will be the second of
our concerts this year. We are devising a programme of about three concerts
this year.
















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