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  M   A   R   G   O   T          M   O   R   G   A   N


        R   E   V   I   E   W   S




T W E L V E    P O E M S

The Dylan Thomas Jazz Suite
(Haulwen, 2011) Associated Performances featuring
Margot Morgan on vocals and
vocal arrangements



Martin Chilton  9th May 2011

"An inspired interpretation of some of Dylan Thomas’s greatest works and includes Do Not Go Gentle Into That Goodnight".


April | May 2011   Issue 98

"Composers can find the impetus for writing anywhere... it might be in the words of Dylan Thomas whose rumbustious lifestyle and mastery of metre, concision and colour, tumbles assuredly from "Twelve Poems", pianist Jen Wilson’s splendid Dylan Thomas
Jazz Suite".


Peter Finch Poet
Writer, Chief Executive  Academi

Great disc. Best Dylan Thomas this side of Fern Hill, the future of jazz and poetry is convincingly safe in their hands.



Dylan Iorwerth ‘Fe lwyddodd Margot Morgan gyda’r hyn sy’n cyfateb i gerdd dant ym byd jazz ... ‘ (Margot Morgan succeeds in bringing something akin
to Welsh ’mouth music’ into the world
of jazz ...)


Christopher Rees  27.2.04

‘ ... [an] accomplished and enjoyable album. It’s not the first time it’s been done. John Cale notably interpreted two of the poems featured here, but singer Margot Morgan brings a very different blues, jazz feel to words as potent in song as on paper.’


Ian Mann
14th January 2011   4* out of 5

The Jen Wilson ensemble features Wilson on piano the subtle Mark O’Connor on drums (Paula Gardiner Trio, Gareth Roberts Quintet), Paula Gardiner on double bass (Dave Stapleton Quintet, Paula Gardiner Trio), front line instrumentalists Chris Ryan (sax), Cris Haines (trumpet) and the firm, full-bodied voice of Margot Morgan.

The assortment of different musical styles comfortably presents each of the poems in a unique state. We are launched into the album with a feisty, catchy riff that compliments the poem ‘When I Woke (The Town Spoke)’ and a similar meaty groove is heard much later on in ‘Here In This Spring’. Slow, sultry numbers with delicate horn solos reflect the poems ‘Fern Hill’ and ‘A Process in the Weather of the Heart’. ‘Do Not Go Gentle Into that Goodnight’ is presented as a blues, although the blues is evident throughout the whole album .... Within the liner notes of the album Wilson mentions that Dylan Thomas "threw a line as fancy as Charlie Parker and understood spaces as deftly as Thelonious Sphere Monk…" The way the long poetic phrases are powerfully poured out and delivered convincingly by singer Margot Morgan could be compared to how Parker churns out his melodic lines. Monk’s twisty, agitated notions are explored within the release of certain phonetic sounds – the clear pronunciation, elongated and repeated syllables, entices the delivery even more to your ears.

‘Twelve Poems’ is an inspired and spirited interpretation of some of Dylan Thomas’s greatest works ...


Alexis Lykiard
Poet, author and jazz writer

The CD is quite splendid, arrangements and band are excellent, Margot is a terrific singer













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