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Learn to sing!

There’s no such thing as someone
who can’t sing.


Although many people have made up their minds, or indeed, may have been told that they ‘can’t sing’ or that they are ‘tone deaf’, such sweeping assumptions are invariably wrong. Singing need no longer be thought of as something that only a gifted few are entitled to enjoy.
A natural and healthy expression of human emotion it is a birthright that has too long been mystified and denied to those deemed to be ‘less gifted’. As a natural voice teacher Margot aims through her practice to dispel such obstructive myths and to open up singing for anyone who wants to find confidence and joy in their voice.

With years of amateur and choral singing experience behind her, Margot trained in 2007 as a Natural Voice Practitioner with the internationally renowned folk-singer Frankie Armstrong and her partner Darien Pritchard, a specialist in releasing the voice. Since then she has continued to study voice techniques and to apply these in her own work and teaching.

Margot enjoys teaching on a one-to-one basis with people who want to learn how to sing or how to develop their singing ability, and has worked with beginners as well as with more experienced singers and also with people who have been told that they should never sing.

Lessons may be half an hour or forty-five minutes long and involve a warm-up and
vocal exercises. Singers are invited to bring along any songs they may wish to learn and Margot has a range of material they may wish to explore. Singers are also invited to work on any aspect of their singing that they would like to investigate or develop, including pitch, timing, timbre, projection, breathing, confidence, and stage presence














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