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  M   A   R   G   O   T          M   O   R   G   A   N


        T  E  S  T  I  M  O  N  I  A  L  S




‘Thanks so much, Margot, for the brilliant singing lessons.
Getting back to singing after a long gap was pretty daunting for me, so thanks for encouraging me and making the natural voice lessons so fun and enjoyable.’

Mary Ellis


‘I wanted to sing at my wedding reception and feel confident,
and I did.’

Mary Sherwood


‘Without you I probably wouldn’t be the singer I am. I found I
was able to perform in front of others with new confidence.
How great it is singing with you as well as being taught by you. There is a sense of creativity and ease of expression when we sing together. Your style of teaching is great, relaxed – and you make the ‘pupil’ feel like you are sharing rather than instructing.’

Elissa Evans






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